How to live an awesome life

Tips for living a great lifeThere is no doubt, that everyone wants to live an incredible life, full of positive emotions, love and success. Some of us cope with that task and find happiness, while others fail again and again. In this article, we have gathered some precious tips from Charles Bukowski – a famous author, poet and novelist. Check them out Continue reading

6 things you’d better give up to be happy again

tips for happinessHappiness is a state of mind and body dreamed by everyone. Sometimes people try harder and harder to find it, but they fail. In this article, we won’t teach you what to undertake in order to be happy and satisfied. We’ll pay attention at all those things you’d better give up in order to achieve fortune. Check them out and learn from your mistakes:

  • Stop worrying about everything and stop over-thinking – fear and concerns don’t fix the problems, they make them even worse. You can’t control everything in your life, so it’s better Continue reading

Positive thinking – how to achieve it?

Tips for positive thinkingPositive thinking doesn’t mean to pretend that something is wonderful when obviously it’s not. It means that you can see only the great things around you; it means to be optimistic and to expect positive results and emotions. Some people will say that we want you to deny all feelings of sadness, anger, fear, etc. Continue reading

Follow these simple tips and be happy and satisfied – Part 2

tips for happiness and satisfactionJust a while ago, I gave you some simple rules to follow in your everyday life in order to be always happy and satisfied. As I promised, now I will continue this interesting topic and point the second part of tips which will be very helpful for you.

Take some time to read and to reflect a little on these claims. Maybe you will succeed in adjusting them Continue reading

Follow these simple tips and be happy and satisfied – Part 1

Follow these rules and be happy How do you feel about your everyday life and your entire existence? Can you define yourself as a happy and satisfied person, who easily achieves his goals? Well, maybe for most of you it will be difficult to answer this question. Always in a rush and pressed by time and circumstances, we often forget the little things which are valuable and which bring us joy. Continue reading