“Recycled” equals handmade and useful

recycled and handmade itemsHave you ever wondered what the perfect present will be? Anything that is personal and related to the recipient. And what could that be? What about stuffing your house with things that are out of date but dear to your heart? What can you possibly do with them to make them more contemporary?

And clothes? Fashion designers constantly turn their gaze towards the past for inspiration but results are briefly going out of season. Continue reading

6 tips on leading peaceful life

have a peaceful lifeToday’s busy life can get you stress. In the beginning you may not even feel it, but this is how stress works. It starts with tiredness and irritation and the moment you don’t even expect, the collapse appears. Stress can spoil all of your relationships, as well as, destroy your career position. Instead of telling you how destructive stress can be – you have probably Continue reading

Interesting facts about Ikebana

ikebana featuresIkebana is the traditional Japanese art of arranging flowers, and literally means “to breathe life to flowers.” This represents the idea of the eternal circle of life. Every flower has its own character and value, and the correct matching is a sense. If you’re interested, check out some basics:

Candles for greener and nicer lifestyle

Candles for greener and nicer lifestyleLight is something that any home needs. Without the proper lighting no awesome interior design and no fascinating furniture set can be accented or shown on display. Plus, lighting used to be a convenience once upon a time, although today human population on the planet actually can’t imagine life without Continue reading