Is it possible to be ‘almost depressed’?

almost depressedDo you have a trouble to enjoy things which were extremely fun for you before? Are you irritable? Do you often find excuses to avoid moments spent with friends and family? It seems to you that you just live on ‘autopilot’ and barely wait for the end of the day to come? Do you feel stressed? Do you believe that there is simply no way you can get everything you have in your agenda?

If you have answered positively to most of the questions, then you are almost depressed, warns the Harvard psychologist Shelley Carson. The weak depression is not a mental illness, but it can make you exhausted, unable to enjoy life and work well. Yet, there are several things you can do to make you feel better:

  1. Do sports. The minimum duration of the exercise for the treatment of depression is 30 minutes of continuous aerobic exercise plus a 10-minute ‘warm-up’ and having rest three times a week;

  2. Include more enjoyable activities into your daily life. Even if you think they don’t make you happy anymore, they will stimulate the pleasure center in your brain. You will feel how you start to enjoy life;

  3. Brainstorm to express your negative feelings. You don’t need talent to be creative. So draw, write or play on a musical instrument! It is proven that such an activity reduces depressive symptoms;

  4. Balance stress. Stress is bad for both the brain and the body and leads to depression. So avoid deliberately stressful situations;

  5. Change your way of thinking. Your mood depends not so much on what happens in your life, but the way you interpret it. So try to find a positive side in everything;

  6. Reduce the power of your “inner critic.” Often negative and critical things that you tell yourself make you feel oppressed and powerless. And that is unnecessarily adding strength to the real problems, right?;

  7. Contact the people who support you. A strong social support system is a well-known factor, desensitising the depression. In case you have a deep end of tenancy cleaning ahead of you, trust the local professionals and save your nerves!

  8. Take care of yourself. Poor nutrition and sleep irregularity intensify depression. In some cases, healthy food can make wonders with your mood!

Well, how to tell whether you suffer from almost depression or real one, which needs treatment? If you have any suicidal thoughts, a serious change in weight, because of fluctuations in appetite or you feel hopelessness, it would be better to seek help from a  professional psychologist.

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