“Recycled” equals handmade and useful

recycled and handmade itemsHave you ever wondered what the perfect present will be? Anything that is personal and related to the recipient. And what could that be? What about stuffing your house with things that are out of date but dear to your heart? What can you possibly do with them to make them more contemporary?

And clothes? Fashion designers constantly turn their gaze towards the past for inspiration but results are briefly going out of season. Continue reading

How to become an interesting person?

Tips for becoming interesting personThere are numerous definitions for an interesting person. However, experts claim that all of them include some specific, but typical features. Eventually, we all understand the interesting person as a harmonious, communicative, honest and happy person. The interesting person is someone, who trusts in his own Continue reading

Do you know these golden rules for creative work?

tips for creativityWe all admire creative people. They have the lifetime opportunity to make their earnings by doing things they love. Meanwhile, the talented artist has been always well appreciated. This makes him or her irreplaceable in a company. After all – whether it is a web design, business strategy or journalistic material creator – talented Continue reading

Is it possible to be ‘almost depressed’?

almost depressedDo you have a trouble to enjoy things which were extremely fun for you before? Are you irritable? Do you often find excuses to avoid moments spent with friends and family? It seems to you that you just live on ‘autopilot’ and barely wait for the end of the day to come? Do you feel stressed? Do you believe that there is Continue reading

How to live an awesome life

Tips for living a great lifeThere is no doubt, that everyone wants to live an incredible life, full of positive emotions, love and success. Some of us cope with that task and find happiness, while others fail again and again. In this article, we have gathered some precious tips from Charles Bukowski – a famous author, poet and novelist. Check them out Continue reading

6 tips on leading peaceful life

have a peaceful lifeToday’s busy life can get you stress. In the beginning you may not even feel it, but this is how stress works. It starts with tiredness and irritation and the moment you don’t even expect, the collapse appears. Stress can spoil all of your relationships, as well as, destroy your career position. Instead of telling you how destructive stress can be – you have probably Continue reading

7 internal attitudes that make us attractive

internal attitudesHave you ever wondered what is the reason of the strong charisma of some people? The answer is that real personal radiation is due to much more than physical forms, style, clothes, approach to communication. People desperately need a more consistent standard of beauty – one which requires more than a person’s body, Continue reading

6 things you’d better give up to be happy again

tips for happinessHappiness is a state of mind and body dreamed by everyone. Sometimes people try harder and harder to find it, but they fail. In this article, we won’t teach you what to undertake in order to be happy and satisfied. We’ll pay attention at all those things you’d better give up in order to achieve fortune. Check them out and learn from your mistakes:

  • Stop worrying about everything and stop over-thinking – fear and concerns don’t fix the problems, they make them even worse. You can’t control everything in your life, so it’s better Continue reading